From Chaos to Clarity: A Systematic Approach to Organizing Your Business

From Chaos To Clarity is for anyone who feels like half their struggle is trying to remember what needs to be done in their business day-to-day.

If you find yourself sitting down to work on marketing and spends 10 minutes trying to find the draft they started or the graphics you need.If you know, you jotted down some great content ideas but lost them in the sea of Post-it notes.

You might have a few things documented in your project management tool, but you know you could use if to support you better. If you feel your creative energy is burned off by trying to keep track of the “other moving” pieces of your business. If your creative endeavors and your heartfelt messages only make it as far as a draft folder soon forgotten on your laptop.

This course answers what processes do I need to build the foundation of the basic operations to my business;  how do I make sure my operations are organized.

This course uses the 6 essentials of operations framework to help you organize each category by guiding you through documenting your processes. Each module includes bonus lessons with examples of how to document those processes in your project management tool of choice {asana, trello, and clickup are demonstrated}.

This course is all about making sure all those “things” you do to run your business don’t just live in your head and that you have documented tools, assets, and processes for each part of your business operations. 

This is going to help you build a more sustainable, repeatable, and less stressful business. 

It’s hard to replicate your processes if you don’t have any, it’s hard to identify what’s not working when you do everything on the fly, and it gets overwhelming when you are building a business that has no centralized place to organize it all.

Let’s make sure you have the foundation for your business operations that will support you now and as you grow. 

9 Modules

BONUS-Using Ai [ChatGPT] As a Short -Cut For Documenting Your Processes 🤖

Modules for this product 9
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