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The Hustle Happier Hub Of Operations {FREEBIE HUB}

This is your FREE hub to getting your business operations started and organized.

In the hub, you will find resources for each of the 6 essentials of operations in the form of workshops, downloads, videos, blog posts, and more!

It's never too late or too early to get your business operations organized, so let's dive in!

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Unlock the Magic of ChatGPT

Do you want to tap into the incredible power of ChatGPT to streamline your processes and unlock new opportunities?

Imagine having a virtual assistant that can handle customer inquiries, provide personalized recommendations, and even generate creative content for your marketing campaigns. With ChatGPT, the possibilities are endless! But where do you begin? 

That's where Unlock the Magic of ChatGPT comes in.

From Chaos to Clarity: A Systematic Approach to Organizing Your Business

From Chaos to Clarity, answers what processes do I need to build the foundation of the basic operations to my business;  how do I make sure my operations are organized.

This course is all about making sure all those “things” you do to run your business don’t just live in your head and that you have documented tools, assets, and processes for each part of your business operations. 

Let’s make sure you have the foundation for your business operations that will support you now and as you grow. 

Sell Your One-On-One Service With Acuity

The logistics of getting your clients booked for your one-on-one service shouldn't be the hard part. Get a system quickly set-up that will allow clients to easily click, schedule, and pay for your service. 

Acuity gives you the ability to control your schedule, get paid, and automate your onboarding process all in one tool.

Sell Your One-On-One Service With Acuity
Your short-cut to getting your offer out there!

RESET: Goal Setting + Business Planning Workshop

Being a small business owner it can be challenging to take a step back, reflect, and ask yourself what you like and don’t like about the way you run your business. This workshop is your space to RESET in your business.

In this workshop, I will guide you through prompts and questions to help you reset your goals, intention, and strategies in your business.

End Of Year Reset Checklist

Grab this 6-page workbook to start your year off with a clean slate in your business operations

It feels SO good to clean off my computer, clean out my inbox, and feel like I’m starting the year off right.

You can get that same feeling by following the exact checklist I use to clean up my business operations at the end of each year.

Manage Your Business With Trello Bundle

With Manage Your Business With Trello Bundle, you get my system for planning and keeping your business on track + my system for managing your content strategy. 

Get Trello templates for my yearly planning board, business operations hubs, learning hub, 90-day planning board, CRM board, content strategy board, content bank board, social media evergreen bank, and content project board. There are video walkthroughs of each board and tips to customize it to your processes.

Trello 101: Introduction To The Basic Features Of Trello

Trello is a customizable project management tool. It can be used to organize, track, and manage almost anything in your business.

Learn the basics of using Trello from boards to all the card features. 

You’ll be able to watch this training in a little over an hour (or faster).

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