Manage Your Business With Trello Bundle

With Manage Your Business With Trello Bundle, you get my system for planning and keeping your business on track.

Get Trello templates for my yearly planning board, business operations hubs, learning hub, 90-day planning board, CRM board, content strategy board, content bank board, social media evergreen bank, and content project board.

There are video walkthroughs of each board where I explain my process and how each board works to support your business operations.

You get 9 templates + 9 walkthrough videos showing you how to customize each board. The modules also include suggested automations. 

Plus you get the Trello 101 course included in the Bundle to help you understand the basics of using Trello - the Trello 101 course is a separate course here. 

MODULE: Yearly Strategic Planning Board

  • Yearly Strategic Intro Video [3:13]
  • Yearly Strategic Planning Board Walkthrough [39:31]

MODULE: Business Operations Hub

  • Business Operations Hub Board Walkthrough [18:02]

MODULE: Learning Hub

  • Learning Hub Board Walkthrough [8:04]

MODULE: 90-Day Planning Board

  • 90-Day Planning Board Walkthrough [23:20]

MODULE: CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

  • CRM Board Walkthrough [11:55]
  • Automation using Zapier [12:18]

MODULE:  Content Strategy Board

  • Overview Of Board [5:35]
  • Blog Post Process Card Template Set-up [8:15]
  • Monthly Blog Card [4:19]
  • Monthly Newsletter Card [2:52]
  • Monthly Social Media List [3:14]
  • Content Ideas/Research List [6:30]
  • Editorial Calendar List [7:48]
  • Opt-in/Offer List [6:10]
  • Labels + Automation [8:19]
  • Email Marketing List [6:09]
  • Guest Posting/Pitching Lists [4:14]
  • Template List  [3:29]
  • BONUS | Butler Automation Suggestions [7:44]
  • BONUS | Working w/ Teams [6:27]

MODULE:  Content Bank Board

  • Overview Of Board [6:27]
  • How To Build From Posts Published Already [6:09]
  • How to Move From Editorial Calendar At End Of Year/When You Chose [4:24]
  • How To Move Blog Post Cards Automatically From Your Editorial Calendar [5:48]
  • Reset of Content Strategy Board At End Of Year [8:21]

MODULE: Social Media Evergreen Bank

  • How It Works + What My Workflow Looks Like [11:51]
  • Set-Up Of Board [5:44]
  • Set-Up Of Zapier [6:00]
  • Set-up Of Zapier For Twitter [1:16]
  • BONUS | Set-up of Card + Zapier If You Want To Pull In Your Own Graphic [4:49]
  • Bonus | Possible Butler Automations [6:19]

MODULE: Content Project Board

  • Overview Of Board [1:58]
  • Braindump/What Is Needed List [1:49]
  • Materials/Set-up Board + Important Links List [3:33]
  • Course Creation Lists [9:08]
  • Promotion/Marketing List [6:39]
  • How To Turn Checklists Into Cards [5:38]
  • How To Manage To-Dos + Keeping Organized [6:22]
  • How To Build A Template For Next Time [4:22]


  • End of Year Board Reset [7:52]
  • 90-Day Planning Quarterly Reset [9:30]
  • How To Beautify Your Boards  [8:05]
  • Trello Chrome Extensions [4:22]

11 Modules

Yearly Strategic Planning Board

This module covers your Yearly Strategic Planning Board

Business Operations Hub

This module covers your Business Operations Hub

Learning Hub

This module covers your Learning Hub

90-Day Planning Board

This module covers your 90-Day Planning Board

CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

This module covers your CRM Board (Customer Relationship Management)

Social Media Bank

This module covers your Social Media Evergreen Bank

This module should only be used if you want an evergreen scheduling system for Facebook + Twitter.

It does require Buffer (you can utilize a free plan, but that will limit you to scheduling 10 posts at a time).

This also requires the use of Zapier (which is free if you aren't over your limit).

    BONUSES: End of Year Reset + 90-Day Planning Quarter Reset

    In this bonus module we are talking about:

    • End of Year Board Reset [7:52]
    • 90-Day Planning Quarterly Reset [9:30]

    BONUSES: How to Beautify Your Boards + Chrome Extensions

    Bonus Videos:

    How To Beautify Your Boards  [8:05]
    (aka attach card covers + change board background)

    Trello Chrome Extensions [4:22]
    The 3 Chrome Extensions I use the most with Trello

    Modules for this product 11
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