Plan Your Year With Trello



Meet Plan Your Year - your action-taking, goal-smashing sidekick for 2020.

In Plan Your Year with Trello, I’m giving you the templates that I use in my own business to create a 2020 plan that reflects what you really want to do in your business and life, and then stay organized and on-track all year long. 

The year of your dreams is within your reach - you just need a plan you can stick with to get there. I can’t wait to help make your 2020 business and life dreams come true!


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6 Lessons

This first module lessons are the core boards for using Trello to Plan Your Year. Find the Learning Hub board in the Extras module.

To use the board templates you must make a copy. 

Make A Copy: Go to "Show Menu" > "More" > "Copy Board"

For ease, I've uploaded all the quarterly, monthly, weekly card designs to Dropbox.

2020 Trello Card Designs (plus new social media design cards)
2019 Trello Card Designs




5 Lessons

Learning Hub Trello Template + Planning Printables.