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[FREE] Testimonials on Autopilot

In this challenge, you’ll learn about how to make collecting testimonials a breeze, by creating a system to make it easy for you and your clients. Testimonials are a step business owners often skip, but having solid testimonials can be such an important part of your marketing strategy. It’s also a great way to get feedback and improve your services (double win!).

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[FREE] Trello 101: How To Use Trello To Organize Your Business

Trello is a customizable organization app that will allow to track & organize multiple aspects of your business (and life). In this course, I’m going to show you examples of how to use Trello to organize things like CRM, project management, and marketing of your business, plus provide you templates.

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[FREE] The Simplified Marketing Plan

Cut the overwhelm and get a focused marketing plan in place. This opt-in gives you the basic strategy to get focused in your business and to stop spinning your wheels in all directions when it comes to marketing.

Download the workbook, watch the video for each section as I walk you through crafting an example plan and if you finish these lessons there is a surprise bonus at the end!

And for my Trello fans, there is a template board that mirrors the workbook to help you organize your strategy.

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Plan Your Year With Trello

With Plan Your Year With Trello, you get my system for planning and keeping your year and business on track in 2020.

Get Trello templates for my yearly planning board, my 90-day planning board, my editorial planning board, my content bank, and my social media planning board, plus a bonus board to make the most of your courses (the learning hub board). There are video walkthroughs of each board where I explain my process and how each board works to support your vision for 2020.

Make 2020 the year, that your goals come to life with a plan that guides you throughout your year.

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Pinterest Bootcamp

Pinterest is the #1 driver of traffic to my website! And it can be yours too!

If you are already creating content (or selling a product) it's such an easy and free way to get all that hard work out into a broader audience. And you can maintain your Pinterest strategy with just a few hours a week! 

Want to get started or get serious about using Pinterest to promote your business? Then sign up and get ready for Bootcamp! 

Pinterest Bootcamp is to get you to successfully use Pinterest as part of your social media strategy. Get quick action steps to get your account started and optimized.

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